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DaSy Webinar- IDIO Encore Session 4
Opening Plenary – Data Equity: How to Align Your Data with Your Mission – Heather Krause – Recorded plenary session with interactive activities

Data and evidence are not value-neutral activities. Every choice we make along the data process prioritizes a community or privileges a person, including young children with disabilities and their families. When we align these choices with our mission, our data can effectively answer our critical questions and provide guidance. In plain language, with real-world examples, Heather illuminates how the data privileged person is more respected, served, and rewarded by the data process. From the power dynamics of data collection and privacy to the eternal struggle between certainty and inclusivity. From how we unconsciously adopt and reinforce perspectives in our modeling and in our math to how when we impose “best practices” in data design, we need to ask, best for who? This talk is designed as a rousing introduction to the practice of aligning your data work with your mission through the choices you make. Rather than a laundry list of problems, this talk leaves audiences feeling refreshed and hopeful, coming away with sharp, concise explanations of issues they knew they were facing but could not describe; empowered and excited to regain control over how their choices to collect, report, analyze data and the stories it tells, affect young children with disabilities and their families.

Mar 17, 2023 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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